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Since 2013 Bergen Havn, the Port of Bergen, has used RAYVN as their system for critical event management. In the following years, Christian Hafstad, Harbour Master at Port of Bergen, has seen significant changes in the world of critical event management and RAYVN itself.
There have been major changes and improvements since we first started to use the RAVYN platform. We have made several suggestions for improvement, and it’s very fulfilling to see that our feedback has been taken seriously and some of our suggestions have actually been incorporated into the platform. In our eyes, this makes RAYVN better.
Christian Hafstad, Harbour Master at Port of Bergen
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Simplicity is key

The user experience is one of the key reasons why the team at the Port of Bergen still uses the RAYVN platform.

Christian Hafstad, Bergen Havn ‘Most people don’t use tools like this every day, so the system must be easy to use. It’s also vital that we don’t produce emails or different paper logs that outline the same event. With the RAYVN reporting functionality and reporting capabilities, we have all information gathered in one system,’ says Hafstad.

The Port of Bergen uses RAYVN for emergency exercises and large events, but also to report on smaller incidents or situations. This could include, for example, a minor collision between small boats. In cases like this, a log is created with a simple description of the incident, outlining the event and the steps taken by the Port team and documenting the situation's outcome.

The log can’t be changed

An important rule for the RAYVN platform is that an incident (or case) log can’t be changed after the fact, that is, after the incident. It’s crucial to document how the situation was perceived, dealt with, and solved at the time of the incident.

‘We can use this retrospectively to understand, explain and document the situation. It’s reliable because you can’t change it afterward. What you write in the log, stays there.’

Emergency exercises are crucial

Every month, RAYVN is used to conduct communication exercises at the Port of Bergen. In these exercises, they ensure that contact is achieved with the right people, to be prepared in a critical situation.

’It’s very useful to be able to communicate both internally and externally when something happens. We involve both Port of Bergen team members, partner companies, and the public institutions,’ says Hafstad.

Easy to use, reliable real-time communications feed and incident logging, and good communication combine to make RAYVN the preferred platform when Christian Hafstad manages a critical event or a drill at the Port of Bergen.

‘All relevant information that we send out goes through RAYVN,’ says Christian Hafstad.

About the Port of Bergen

The Port of Bergen is the largest port for cruise ships in Norway, regarding the number of passengers and ships. The port handles four to five thousand ship calls to the center of Bergen per year and 21 000 in the region from Mongstad to Bjørnafjorden. For next year, 2023, 335 ship calls are already booked which will bring 704 535 passengers to Bergen. Safety and preparedness are crucial when large ships and thousands of cruise tourists arrive. The port needs reliable systems and routines to be prepared for critical events. www. bergenhavn.no

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