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Transform your emergency response strategy

Automate your plans and take advantage of RAYVN pre-configured response templates.
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Real-time updates for everyone, everywhere

Through instant updates and task assignments via a live shared communications feed across multiple platforms. Team members can monitor the feed, add log entries and upload images from any location.

Instant meeting and built-in audio and video capabilities

Setup structured meetings during critical events to discuss updates, decisions and set focus.

Video conferencing

RAYVN video conferencing

RAYVN Video Conferencing is a secure video and audio solution that is simple and easy to use. Suitable for security-conscious users who are seeking instant and secure live communication products.

Initiate and manage tasks

Easily add tasks and checklists that need to be addressed. Everyone can review open tasks in RAYVNs mobile or web app. Set extra focus on tasks by assigning specific tasks to individuals and setting deadlines. RAYVN will notify users when tasks are due.
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Communicate and collaborate with extended teams

Use RAYVN as the platform to collaborate with your stakeholders. Notify, and push important information and status updates to individuals or groups of stakeholders.

Detailed reporting

System generated reports can be downloaded to form the basis for documentation and post-event review.

Multi-level status updates and communications

Expand the reach of your primary Emergency Response Organization in RAYVN by sending messages to individuals or a group, eg, board of directors, employees, etc., by text/SMS and email.

Collaborating with external partners

during critical events

The RAYVN licence model let you grant one full RAYVN license to each of your key partner, e.g. authorities, health services, insurance companies.

Just identify your key partners, build them into your RAYVN network and create your own response network during a crisis.

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RAYVN helps you alert your teams, keep everybody informed,
and make better decisions during critical events.