The RAYVN story

We're convinced that simplicity and ease of use are the most essential requirements for a critical event management solution.
Our vision

Control when it really counts

Our mission

To give you the power to manage the unexpected through easy-to-use critical event management software

Our story

RAYVN was founded in 2016 in Bergen, Norway, around one key principle - to offer the market needs a simple, intuitive and effective system to help organizations and people prepare for and manage critical events.

A system that could empower teams to move beyond whiteboards, pens, and paper to embrace a digital solution.

Simplicity is the key requirement for a critical event management solution. The way we see it ... there’s no time for learning curves in a crisis.
Henrik von Schlanbusch, CEO

Our values

We are


We are not afraid to think boldly - think about the impossible.

We are


We are committed to being agile and flexible and we respond quickly and in a meaningful way to a changed situation or new data.

We are


We are to be open in our communications and actions to our customers, partners and colleagues.  We listen our customers to hear about their real-life confrontations.

Trusted by customers worldwide