Tour of Norway using crisis management tool from startup company RAYVN


RAYVN in Tour of Norway
The international bike race Tour of Norway comes well prepared in the event of a crisis or unexpected incident.

Safety issues are very important when planning and carrying out a bike race. Race management cannot rely on hand-written sticky notes on a whiteboard on the wall.

We must be able to handle a crisis in a professional manner using modern, digital tools. RAYVN provides better collaboration, simplified log keeping, and a common methodology for handling the incident at hand.

Roy Hegreberg, Tour of Norway

Tour of Norway starts on Thursday 19th August in Egersund, and the race runs across Rogaland before finishing in Stavanger on Sunday 22nd August. Race management is well prepared in the case of any unforeseen events.

“The complexity of arranging a bike race is high, and we never know what types of challenges we will meet. One challenge is to coordinate any general emergency response from police, fire brigade, and first responders. As an example, how can we make sure an ambulance can safely drive past a larger group of cyclists during the race? RAYVN enables us to share real-time information directly with emergency operation centers like 113 and 110,” Hegreberg says.

RAYVN was established in 2017 to develop a tool to support businesses in handling critical incidents. RAYVN originates from Norway but has sales operations in more than 20 countries. The investment company DSD is one of the largest shareholders in the company.

RAYVN has developed a new and innovative technology which now enables interaction across several organizations. This new platform will be put to use for the first time during this year’s Tour of Norway,” says RAYVN head of security Erik Skara.

And it is precisely the ability to collaborate across all units and organizations which is the key to handling a crisis well, according to RAYVN CEO and co-founder Henrik von Schlanbusch.

A crisis management tool must be user friendly – otherwise, it won’t be used. RAYVN is as user-friendly as Facebook, and new employees or external parties can quickly learn how to use the new tool. This means that RAYVN can be used both by crisis management teams, first-line responders, and partners brought in to help during the ongoing incident. This enables everyone involved in a crisis to make decisions based on the same available information,” von Schlanbusch says.

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