Next of kin center

Manage and maintain communication with your affected personnel´s Next of kin during crises and incidents

A crisis may affect people, be it your employees, your customers, or others. When so happens, it is vital for the affected persons and your organization´s reputation that you handle their relatives and partners well.

It is for instance of the utmost importance that the Next of kin-team gives out the same information to everyone who contacts them. The information they provide must also be verified and correct.

RAYVN´s Next of Kin Center is an addon to RAYVN that helps you stay on top of the situation, dealing with the affected persons near and dear ones in a professional manner.

Using the Next of kin Center, the Next of kin-team can easily document all communication with the next of kin, who has received what information, their updated contact information, their relation to an affected person, etc.

RAYVN´s Next of Kin Center is only accessible for the Next of kin-team. The next of kin operators will not have access to the RAYVN-log. They will only gain access to Released information from the RAYVN-log. Hence they will only be aware of information that they are allowed to communicate to the next of kin.

RAYVN has developed the Next of Kin center in close collaboration with industry-leading experts from a wide selection of sectors. Simplicity has as always been the central design principle. Very little training is necessary to master the tool.

The Next of Kin center is available as an extra module in RAYVN.

  • Log phone calls

    All conversations are logged in the Next of Kin center. Register the caller, and specify the caller's relationship to an affected person. Add a short memo regarding the conversation between the caller and the Next of kin operator


    See details over affected persons and whom of their next of kin you have been in contact with


    When you talk to an affected person´s next of kin, avoid repeating information they have already received by using the overview over Released information since the last conversation,  and with  RAYVN´s good overview over the previous conversations

  • Search and filtering functionality

    Search through all conversations to easily retrieve essential information

  • Integration with the crisis log

    While the Next of kin operators only sees the Released information from RAYVN´s crisis log, the RAYVN users with access to the crisis log can get a read-only view of the Next of Kin center information.

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