Pull together in a crisis.

Collaborate when it counts

RAYVN enables you to build, mobilize and manage your emergency response network more effectively.
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Build your emergency response network freely with the collaboration feature.
Mobilize your emergency response network easily.
Control the information you share with anyone in your emergency response network.
Update the right people with relevant information in real-time.
Secure every communication with internal and external stakeholders.

Make the most of your emergency response network with RAYVN to resolve any crisis.

Key Metrics for Collaboration

Prepare better

RAYVN enables you to build your emergency response network. Invite external stakeholders and partners to join with one free licence.
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Respond more effectively together

Mobilize and leverage your emergency response network instantly when disruption strikes.

Recover stronger and faster

Allocate the right people, assets and locations in real time with RAYVN’s collaborative solution for dispersed teamwork.
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Scale your response seamlessly

Cut through the chaos when a crisis escalates. Coordinate tactical and strategic responses to manage the incident with greater agility.

Pull together in a crisis

Manage incidents more effectively with secure multichannel communications to take the right action together in real-time.
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