Critical Event Management

Software that helps you alert your teams, keep everybody informed and make better decisions during critical events

See how RAYVN works

Critical Event Management

Software that helps you alert your teams, keep everybody informed and make better decisions during critical events

See how RAYVN works

The most effective and user-friendly Critical Event Management System

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Effective management of critical events

Protect your brand’s reputation by using RAYVN to manage any Critical Event.

Minimize impact on business operations, restore to regular services as swiftly as possible, while continuing to provide the best possible level of service quality and accessibility. All at your fingertips!

  • User friendly and secure management of critical events

    Dramatically increase your organizations incident preparedness. Be able to focus entirely on the incident. Virtually no training is needed.

  • Instant communication with your organization

    Mobilize and communicate with teams and personnel. Always updated status of who has received the information, and are able to join the incident management.

  • Dispatch personnel / Assign tasks

    Assign personnel to handle tasks during the incident, and set deadlines for task completion. Notifications of assigned and completed tasks are distributed immediately.

  • Automatic documentation

    Every communication and action done with RAYVN is collected for excellent posts incident documentation and evaluation.

Top features

Mobilize personnel

Notify and mobilize teams via SMS, e-mail, app notifications and automated phone calls. Responses are automatically tracked and displayed.

stay informed

All information sent to or from RAYVN is available to personnel directly in the mobile app and from any web browser.

track personnel

Track your teams. Positional data is automatically shared through the use of the mobile app and the web browser.

mobile flexibility

RAYVN is available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android. When something happens you can easily notify persons or teams to join the response effort right from your phone.

Interact real-time

Content is instantly shared with all personnel. Everyone are kept up-to-date at all times. Share text, pictures and any other type of file.

assign tasks

Assign tasks and responsibility. Personnel update task status on their mobile devices, and RAYVN automatically keeps you up-to-date on the progress.

Who is using rayvn?

Oil / Energy

Manage any situation on large facilities, and with distributed locations and teams. Local, national and global teams interact

Event / security

Use RAYVN to communicate and share important information during the event. Track the location of your personnel. RAYVN for events

Industry / shipping

Run exercises and be prepared to manage any situation. Assign teams to deal with different tasks

Transportation / Aviation

Manage all your teams and create tasks. Add incidents as they happen, and manage them independently by assigning teams and tasks to each incident.

Companies and organizations

Local and multinational companies use RAYVN to be able to notify the organization and be able to track the response from employees.

Join companies all over the world that have chosen RAYVN for a more effective management of Critical Events

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