Find out how digitalization and regular training exercises enhance real-time critical event management.

CCB Ågotnes aerial

CCB Ågotnes is a large port facility located in Ågotnes, Norway. The base is home to a variety of businesses, including oil and gas companies, maritime industries, and others. Industrial safety has long been part of the company’s policies and protocols. But in our world of increasingly complex risks and crisis scenarios, with many people and activities on site, CCB Ågotnes decided it was time to put a more robust emergency preparedness plan in place.

For Daniel Ayala Høydal, Security and Preparedness Manager, at CCB Ågotnes, the challenge was to find a digital solution that would allow the company ‘to quickly and effectively notify and mobilize our personnel in the event of an incident.’

Today, with RAYVN, the company can send alerts to the entire workforce with just a few mouse clicks, easily monitor who has received alerts and get updates on any actions taken to resolve any incident. Overall critical event management efficiency has improved significantly as a result.

CCB Ågotnes Exercise RAYVN appRecently, CCB Ågotnes conducted a large-scale emergency preparedness exercise to test the base's emergency preparedness plan and to identify any areas for improvement. The exercise was a tremendous success: all the base's personnel were able to respond quickly and effectively to the simulated incident.

At the same time, putting the plans into practice highlighted areas for strengthening the emergency preparedness plans and practices. ‘We are committed to continuous improvement,’ Ayala Høydal said. ‘We will use the information that we learned from the exercise to make our emergency preparedness plan even better.’

Since 2018, RAYVN has empowered CCB Ågotnes to achieve its ambitious goal of more robust emergency preparedness through better planning and preparation, enhanced training and more effective incident management in real-time.

Watch our video to learn more about how CCB Ågotnes has achieved improved emergency preparedness with RAYVN.

The interview is in Norwegian, but English subtitles are available.

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