Former Google Norway CEO, Jan Grønbech, invests in RAYVN


Jan Grønbech RAYVN

Article from Finansavisen

The Norwegian newspaper Finansavisen focuses on RAYVN in this article. Jan Grønbech, the former CEO of Google Norway, has joined RAYVN´s growing team of highly skilled and profiled investors. Grønbech saw the potential in RAYVN before the Corona Pandemic. As RAYVN-CEO Henrik von Schlanbusch states in the article, companies’ need for effective and affordable tools for managing critical events has become even more evident in the last few months. All companies need to be able to handle critical events and bring business back to normal operations quickly to avoid sending an organization into chaos and keep away from rumors which in turn often leads to outright dangerous decisions.

Why Grønbech decided to invest in RAYVN?

Grønbech says that RAYVN is addressing a huge market within the crisis management domain. This software is needed in most companies, RAYVN helps organizations to get through many critical situations and potentially saves lives.

How is RAYVN growing?

The growth capital comes from new Investors like Jan Grønbech and Johan Hvide and existing investors like Anders Hvide, governmentally-owned Investinor, and the co-founding company Enovate AS. The number of new customers in March 2020 is almost three times as high as in February 2020. In addition, RAYVN has increased sales to existing customers who need the system in more parts of their organizations. The new customers range from large governmental organizations, to publicly listed companies, municipalities, smaller non-commercial organizations, etc. We also see increased interest from companies who want to partner up with us and become a RAYVN sales partner.

Why is RAYVN a successful tool?

RAYVN’s CEO, Henrik von Schlanbusch explains the features that make RAYVN extraordinary:

  • Emergency Alert System

    When a critical event occurs, the idea is to use RAYVN to notify and mobilize internal and external resources such as crisis management, industry protection, insurance companies, and other involved parties.

  • Documentation feature

    With RAYVNs document’ solution, the management can within seconds generate a complete time-line of the event together with full documentation after the incident is over.

  • Preparedness matters!

    During the brutal start of the Corona/COVID-19-crisis, most businesses became preoccupied with their own crisis management and did not have time to look into crisis management tools. Eventually, the trend has turned. Many have seen that RAYVN is needed now and they now know that preparedness must be high on their agenda, Schlanbusch adds.

RAYVN addresses a huge market. The product is needed in most companies, and RAYVN helps organizations get through tough situations and potentially save lives.
Jan Grønbech
Investor and former Google Norway CEO

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