Managing the norwegian championship in ultra-trail running with RAYVN


Ultra race

The Norwegian national championship in ultra-trail was arranged September 2018. The ultra-trail is a 70km track as well as a whole and half marathon across Norwegian mountains. RAYVN was selected as incident management system during the event and was used to communicate and log all activities as well as serving as a link between the race operations center and personnel along the trail. The long race track made it essential to have a mobile, and easy-to-use tool.

About the event

  • 180 participants
  • 3 races of 20, 40 and 70 km
  • 70 personnel and volunteers

Ahead of the national championship, the race organization had completed risk and vulnerability analysis and implemented it in RAYVN. The different teams and personnel were also set up in RAYVN so that the organization was prepared for the coming event. When situations occurred during the race, the organization was well prepared to instantly notify correct teams, with a preset list of tasks that needed to be done according to the nature of the incident at hand.

The incident response organization

The operational center of the race was established in a conference room next to the main venue of the event. When incidents occurred, the operational center handled all incidents during the race, effectively communicating and documenting the entire incident management. Emergency services and police were also on standby and could be engaged whenever needed.

RAYVN was a perfect match for managing an event like this. The director of the race, Torbjærn Berg Strømstad, was pleased: “RAYVN worked very well, and I will suggest using RAYVN in the Norwegian championship in skiing in 2019”.

The GPS functionality in RAYVN gives the emergency response organization control of where their personnel was located along the race course. Tasks were quickly assigned to personnel, for either completing a physical task or a request to report a status in the shared log.

After each race was completed, RAYVN was used to generate complete reports documenting all the communication and activiteis done during the day.

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