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Building a Strong Emergency Response Network

Giving collaboration a digital edge with RAYVN

May 3rd 2023

For many organizations, the impact of a critical event can be far-reaching. Responding to an event can require communication and coordination with business partners, local authorities, insurance companies, emergency services, neighboring companies, or residents, to name but a few stakeholders..

With the RAYVN collaboration functionality, you can build your own Emergency Response Network and coordinate and communicate directly with these key stakeholders. With an Emergency Response Network, you can prepare for a critical event more thoroughly, understand the impact an incident might have, and use your network to respond to a situation with immediate understanding, rapid response, and diligent focus.

Join this 30-minute presentation to learn how you can take full advantage of the RAYVN collaboration functionality to construct your own Emergency Response Network.

Attend this webinar to learn:
  • Learn what constitutes an Emergency Response Network and how to create a framework for your Emergency Response Network
  • Understand the concept of a key stakeholder 
  • See a live demo and experience first-hand how to use RAYVN to create digital connectivity between key partners and stakeholders and create your own Emergency Response Network
Who should attend
  • Emergency Response and Preparedness Leaders & Teams
  • HSEQ Managers
  • HR Business Partners
  • Business continuity leaders

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Time / duration

  • On May 3rd at 14.00 GMT / 15.00 CET
  • 30-minute presentation (in English)



Erik Skaara

Chief Business Development Officer

Lee Koenig Profile, CMO

Lee Koenig

CMO, Webinar Moderator