Office Manager in chaosIs your crisis management plan a Castle in the air? Is it incompetent to do the job it was made for? What if a crisis strikes tomorrow? Is it actionable enough to manage a crisis without delays and complications? Or is it only useful in theory?

If your plan is not actionable yet, it’s crucial to upgrade it before the next unforeseen critical event strikes. Here are four tips to help make your crisis management more effective and actionable:

Ensure a General Understanding of the Platform(s)

All relevant personnel should be familiar with the digital tools and platforms used. When everyday operations are carried out with the same tools, there is improved efficiency in procedures. In an emergency, there is no time for learning curves!

Make Necessary Preparations

During a crisis, you may need several platforms, tabs, or applications. Make sure you have easy access to these - and that you remember your usernames and passwords!

Establish Housekeeping Rules

Establish rules for common digital courtesy. For example, if using a video conferencing tool, video on/off, mute when not talking, or assigning areas of responsibility.

Run Exercises!

Establishing proper training is the most effective and efficient way to prepare for an emergency. Running exercises using a digital tool allows you and your team to evaluate response type, what resources are needed, and improve response times.
The main reason for choosing RAYVN was user-friendliness. It is quite easy to set up and implement and use, and it takes a minimum of training before one can use it.
Great Dane Airlines Stinne Dalsø Profile

Stinne Dalsø
COO, Great Dane Airlines

RAYVN has digitized our call sheets and contingency plans.

Silje K. Alvsvåg
HSE Manager
Bremnes Seashore AS

Time-consuming paperwork is now digitized, making daily operations more efficient.
Keolis Rene Molijn

René Molijn
Head of Safety and Security
Keolis Norge AS

What Was the Motivation Behind Creating RAYVN?

We saw the need for a tool to enable organizations to digitize and automate their Emergency Response Plan (ERP). Our goal is, an easy-to-use, intuitive platform allowing companies to notify personnel, delegate tasks, keep logs, document meeting activity, generate reports in real-time, and collaborate with external stakeholders. 

As a result, we launched RAYVN in 2016, empowering customers in over 30 countries with a more user-friendly platform for Critical Event Management. We have met a need that existed and the response from our clients has been excellent!

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