6 reasons to Digitize Your Crisis ManagementWhen an unforeseen critical event strikes, your organizations must respond at lightning speed to get ahead of a critical situation. Traditionally, many decision-makers and executives use manual crisis management plans to decide the next actions and responses. However, these hard-copy plans are not actionable and don't sustain real-time response and information sharing. Given these challenges, many organizations are digitizing their crisis management plans to ensure agile responses and effective handling.
Here are six compelling reasons why your organizations should digitize crisis management plans:

Why Should Crisis Management be Digitized?

  1. Ability to Manage an Incident Outside Business Hours
    By using digital tools to manage a crisis, you only need an internet connection, which allows you and your team to manage an emergency just as well outside regular office hours.
  2. Save Time Gathering Personnel
    By only having to log on, you can save a lot of time gathering your personnel. It is critical to act quickly during the initial stages! Remember; time saved is time earned.
  3. Manage Crises Regardless of Geographic Location
    Geography should not hinder good crisis management. Through digital management, you will know the exact geographic location of the incident and who is available to respond. Manage the crisis from wherever you are!
  4. Digital Solutions will Help You Collect, Sort, and Document Information
    Information is tracked, saved, and stored using software and computer,  ensuring documentation is not lost.
  5. Plans and Documents in Hard Copy Will are not an Obstacle to get started
    You make it easily accessible to everyone by digitizing plans and procedures, wasting no time locating the ERP, and focusing on the incident.
  6. Ability to communicate and Report a crisis event via live stream instantly
    Using digital tools to manage a crisis allows personnel to report the incident directly via live stream and get real-time guidance and accurate instructions.
The main reason for choosing RAYVN was user-friendliness. It is quite easy to set up and implement and use, and it takes a minimum of training before one can use it.
Great Dane Airlines Stinne Dalsø Profile

Stinne Dalsø
COO, Great Dane Airlines

RAYVN has digitized our call sheets and contingency plans.

Silje K. Alvsvåg
HSE Manager
Bremnes Seashore AS

Time-consuming paperwork is now digitized, making daily operations more efficient.
Keolis Rene Molijn

René Molijn
Head of Safety and Security
Keolis Norge AS

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