Erik Skaara, RAYVN's Chief Business development Officer, presented "collaboration in RAYVN: How can a digital tool benefit collaboration and information sharing?" at the Beredskapskonferansen, Norway, on December the 1st, 2021.

Erik Skaara PresentationSkaara's presentation discussed how difficult it is to exchange information across established lines and maintain a shared situational awareness between all related parties during an ongoing critical event. 

As a solution to this obstacle, Erik Skaara stated that the RAYVN collaboration feature was born with the hope of enhancing shared situational awareness between internal and external stakeholders in times of crisis.

Skaara communicated that "the collaboration feature idea was inspired after the Helge Ingstad incident, which involved many of our customers in the crisis handling (oil spill management, insurance, diving)". After this incident, RAYVN was challenged to provide a new form of technology that focuses on engaging stakeholders in critical events and guarantees all collaborating parties the same understanding of an ongoing critical event. 

Skaara added that the idea of "collaboration" has finally come to light after RAYVN received a generous grant of 10 million Norwegian kroner funding from Innovation Norway to develop a groundbreaking technology focused on collaboration during crises.  To be laser-focused on providing the best collaboration solution, RAYVN has kicked off a pilot program that allows the following parties, "DB Schenker, House of Public Safety, Norsea Group, and Total Safety'', to test the collaboration feature through engaging four different tabletop exercises. 

RAYVN'S Chief Development Officer finished his speech by talking about the collaboration functionality features, bringing in exciting examples that stress:

  • Providing early notification with accurate info 
  • Guaranteeing shared understanding of crises between different emergency response organizations
  • Allowing collaboration across various organizations and businesses
  • Created to be simple, easy to operate even in very complex circumstances


Erik Skaara Presentation Beredskapskonferansen 2021

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