For hundreds of years, fish farming has been practiced in many parts of the world, and farmed fish products have become one of the world’s most traded food types. However, over the last few years, various natural and human-induced events have posed threats to fish farms and workers' safety. Problems such as marine and industrial pollution, algae outbreaks, extreme weather conditions, and fish escapes are a few of the challenges that have affected fisheries' safety and well-being.

Helping the fish farming facilities be better prepared to handle and manage potential threats is a major focus for RAYVN. Our intuitive critical event management tool is specifically designed to handle these situations.

In the following Q&A, we address common questions that we are often asked:

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Q: What does critical event management mean to the fish farming sector? And how can RAYVN help?

A: Recent reports suggest that fish farming is one of the more dangerous professions. An event such as escaped fish could have catastrophic implications, environmentally and for business continuity.

RAYVN has been built to be able to mitigate these challenges effectively. Using RAYVN, you establish a shared platform for communication and manage your available resources to manage the situation as effectively as possible. And you will also be able to collaborate with your stakeholders and partners right within RAYVN.

Q: Do I have to be trained before using RAYVN Software?

A: RAYVN is an incredibly intuitive and user-friendly system that requires minimal training.

Q: How do I ensure I have the resources I need at the right time?

A: RAYVN software allows you to pre-define an emergency response team. This can be made up of both your internal team and external stakeholders, such as neighboring companies.

Q: How does RAYVN operate during critical events?

A: RAYVN sends out notifications across multiple platforms: SMS, Emails, Push, and Automated Voice notifications. You can set predefined or customize the messages on the fly. By sending notifications on multiple platforms, you can be reassured of effective and reliable communication.

Q: How to assess situation handling and performance after critical events?

A: RAYVN allows you to automatically generate reports to evaluate your team’s performance in managing the situation. RAYVN automatically tracks all communication, document actions, and other information that has been collected and stores them safely. You will also be able to recreate a timeline of how the situation has been developing, processed, and carried out, which will present a great value for your fish farm following an incident.

Q: What else does RAYVN offer?


  • RAYVN replaces many communication tools: notify, respond, document, track and collaborate in one platform only
  • Handle incidents easily: RAYVN is a very user-friendly system and is suitable for small and large companies
  • Share situational awareness: with RAYVN, you can share updates, technical alerts and send notifications to experts, teams, and even your neighboring companies!
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RAYVN automatically notifies your teams in on text/SMS, automated phone calls, app notifications and email. 

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