Matterhorn is one of RAYVN’s esteemed customers in the Middle East.  It is our pleasure to interview Matterhorn personnel and ask about their services and their challenges during their operations. We are interested to hear more about their experience of using RAYVN as part of their practice.


Can you give a brief description of Matterhorn’s services?

Matterhorn is Qatar-based, GCC-focused risk management and security consultancy. We have four services lines:

  • Diligence and Intelligence
    It starts with our ability to collect nuanced security risk information to assist decision-making for customers who are operating or investing in the region.
  • Event and Project Solution
    Provides customers with operational planning and tailored support during large-scale events and major projects. An example of this is next year’s FIFA World Cup.
  • Complex Environment Solutions
    it is focused on customers who plan to visit or operate in high-security risk locations. Matterhorn assists with risk planning, logistics, and specialist personnel to de-risk their visit or operations
  • Training and Mentoring
    Of specialist security and tactical requirements

Fast facts


Risk management and security consultancy


Matterhorn operating in a broad range of corporate customers among financial services, energy,  industrial suppliers, and regional NGOs 

Doha Qatar

Key Challenges

What type of unwanted events do you need to be prepared for in your business?

Given a lot of our projects involve moving people around city centers, the most common theme is traffic congestion caused by RTC or unplanned road maintenance, which isn’t showing up on the mapping services. We also prepare for other security events such as terrorism or crowd disturbance, and in some cases, severe weather disruptions.   

Why have you decided to use a dedicated tool for notification and managing (critical) events?

Coming from a military background, we are used to managing our operations manually. Still, given the scale of events that we are now involved with, it was logical to look for a digital platform to accommodate large numbers of operatives and tasks. That said, old habits die hard, and we always run our analog system concurrently.

Do you conduct exercises internally in your organization or also externally?

We do both. We run many internal projects before events or client-specific requirements to fully understand the operations’ nuances. Once a project goes live, it’s not uncommon that we have several stakeholders plugged into the platform.

We opted for RAYVN due to its user-friendliness and the collaboration feature that allows us to integrate several key stakeholders. The platform also represented excellent value, given its depth of functionality. 
Nicholas Conway, CEO


Can you give examples of how you use or plan to use RAYVN in Matterhorn?

We have adopted RAYVN to support our event and project solutions. Moreover, we use it to manage our in-field operations and log, coordinate and communicate tasks such as VIP movements.

What is the main reason for selecting RAYVN as your (Critical) Event Management system?

Actually, we looked at several platforms, but we opted for RAYVN due to its user-friendliness and the collaboration feature that allows us to integrate several key stakeholders. The platform also represented excellent value, given its depth of functionality.


What are the most significant advantages of using RAYVN over previous systems/practices?

The most significant advantage for us is the collaboration with several different stakeholders on the same project but maintaining centralized control.

Does RAYVN contribute to an overall better preparedness for your business/services?

Yes, it 100% does! Our customers are very sophisticated security professionals and demand that our processes and systems are robust and fit for purpose. Part of their diligence is to understand how we manage our projects. Once we demonstrate that they will be fully integrated into the project, it adds value to our offering.

Will you recommend RAYVN to other companies?

Yes, we are thrilled to do so and already recommend RAYVN every time we plug a customer into the platform. Yes, RAYVN speaks for itself!


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