Understanding the human factor to critical event management is key for preparedness, response and recovery. Our panel of experts considers how emergency response teams can adopt best practices to manage a crisis as well as foster resiliency, both now and for the future.
RAYVN Webinar Human Side thumnbail
    • What is the human side of emergency preparedness and crisis management?
    • Prepare for the stress: planning/procedures and training/exercises
    • Multi-level human impacts: operational, practical and strategic responses
    • Post-incident: follow-on care, address PTSD and offer coping strategies
    • How RAYVN helps people prepare for and manage a crisis
    Our Experts
    • Kjersti Helland, Head of Business Emergency Preparedness, Sjømannskirken (Norwegian Church Abroad)
    • Brynjar Gunnarskog, Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Head of Emergency Response, AkerCare & Falck Norway
    • Erik Skaara, Chief Business Development Officer, RAYVN
    • Moderator: Lee Koenig, Chief Marketing Officer, RAYVN
    RAYVN Webinar Human Side thumnbail Mac

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