The Port of Bergen is an inter-municipal company, consisting of 11 owner municipalities and the county of Hordaland.

With approximately 83,000 ship calls a year and over 500,000 passengers, the port authorities requires good systems in crisis management, documentation, and notification. The Port of Bergen has therefore decided to use RAYVN to:

  • Execute exercises
  • Notify their emergency response teams
  • Notify different groups of customers and external companies with interests in the port
  • Notify the emergency services and other security services
  • Document all their incidents and exercises

When situations arise emergency response personnel easily can create an incident and notify both their own teams and external services. The Port of Bergen used RAYVN during the hurricane «Nina” in January 2015 to document all activities in related to the port and problems that arose in connection with the hurricane. In the aftermath of «Nina», they used the logs created in RAYVN as documentation of all incidents that occurred and how they were handled.

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