Strategic Management of Critical Events

When a crisis hits your company, it is so easy for the management to be caught up battling the fire themselves, forgetting about the strategic decisions they must make to put the fire out as quickly as possible.

RAYVN´s strategic module introduces a new way of thinking software support for strategic Critical Event Management. With previously unseen simplicity, RAYVN allows you to manage critical events well:

  • Automatically summon your tactical, operational and strategic level teams via one click using RAYVN
  • Provide your tactical, operational and strategic teams with a separate and secure RAYVN log
  • Share specific information in real-time between the tactical, operational and strategic levels
  • Set up and document all Status meetings for each level in RAYVN
  • Predefine Meeting templates/Agendas for specific scenarios, with a set agenda, Focus, Status fields and Task assignments

Why RAYVN strategic?

A well-handled critical event can positively help build your brand´s reputation. A bad-handled one can, on the other hand, be devastating for the brand. It, therefore, is essential to handle the event well on all levels.

It goes without saying that a well-handled critical event depends upon the good work of the employees working on the first level´s frontier evacuating other employees from a burning factory or by company technicians battling with hackers in a company-wide cyber-attack. The same goes for the employees on the second line providing the first responders with essential support like ambulances for the wounded, blankets for the cold, or with the tactical approach on how to best battle the critical event.

It is on the other hand not always evident that it can be essential for the company that the management takes one step back away from the immediate crisis, and stops working on putting out the fire themselves, and instead, start working on solving the critical event strategically.

If the management does not deal with the critical event strategically, one risk overlooking essential factors such as, for instance:

  • a gas tank in a neighboring factory building that must be secured before a fire spreads itself to the building
  • one risk overseeing the importance of monitoring social media or sending out a press release

Failure to be proactive and handle the crisis strategically may very well result in the critical event becoming even more severe than it had to.

The three levels of crisis management

Level 1 - Tactical level

The on-location management of the ongoing situation. The focus is to prevent or limit personal injury, damage to property, the environment, financial assets, or the reputation of the business.
Independent log.    Share log entries to level 2 and 3.

Level 2 - Operational level

At the operational level, the tactical units’ efforts are directed and coordinated. The main task for the operational level is to support the tactical level with resources, competence coordination, and communication.
Independent log.    Share log entries to level 1 and 3.

Level 3 - Strategic level

The strategic level focuses on the overall organization. How will the critical event affect the day-to-day operations, the reputation, contact with relatives and the media, financial claims, and the like? RAYVN provides real-time awareness of the ongoing situation from level 1 and 2, providing the management with the decision support to make strategically wise decisions.
Independent log.    Share log entries to level 1 and 2.

The information flow often goes from Level 1 > Level 2 > Level 3 (up in the organization).
But frequently there will be information or decisions that also need to be communicated down the organization.

A demonstration of how easy it is to share a specific log entry to another level

Screengrab - Share meeting


The first meeting is held rapidly after the critical event occurred. Status meetings are held regularly during the critical event management. The purpose of the meetings is to share information, establish a common situational understanding and coordinate, plan, and prioritize the continued critical event response.

RAYVN’s strategic module allows you to conduct the first meeting and status meetings at different levels in your organization. It is easy to share the meeting minutes to the other levels.

The information flow often goes from Level 1 > Level 2 > Level 3, but in many cases, there will also be information or decisions that need to flow the other way.

  • Update status

    During the First meeting and each Status meeting, you can update the situation status panel with vital information like, for instance, “Number of missing persons”, “Number of evacuated persons”, “Number of injured persons” if the critical event was a factory explosion. If the critical event is that your company experiences a severe spread of computer viruses, you can instead specify status fields like “Number of computers affected”, “Number of computers cleaned and now free from the virus”, etc.

  • Set a strategy

    Set your level´s strategy through specifying your focus, and plan further actions to manage the situation in the best possible way. RAYVN gives you full control over who has access to the meeting minutes.

  • Assign tasks

    During the First meeting and the Status meetings, you can also assign tasks in your organization. The tasks are, of course, integrated with the RAYVN’s handy task module, which tells everyone what they should do.

  • Document every status meeting

    All meeting minutes are stored in RAYVN. The minutes are added in the log, only visible to the users with the appropriate access. Whenever wanted, the minutes are easily shared to one or more other levels in the organizations working on resolving the Critical Event.

With RAYVN's strategic module, you can easily choose which information to share with other parts of the organization.

73% of business executives expect at least one crisis in their business over the next three years.

A PWC Study

The study was conducted before the Corona Pandemic

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