Learn how RAYVN unlocks the power of collaboration for secure, real-time critical event management with external stakeholders.

Emergency preparedness is all about planning for the unexpected—but equally it’s about executing on that plan in the heat of the moment. When an incident occurs, the right people and resources need to be mobilised quickly, information and updates shared instantly and any required actions coordinated easily to resolve the situation.

Collaboration—the ability of two or more people, teams or organisations to communicate and work together seamlessly—is vital for timely and effective critical event management (CEM). But that’s easier said than done. Many companies face barriers when it comes to planning, preparation and deployment.

Read on to find out how RAYVN can help.

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Why Collaboration Matters

Melissa Cameron, Southwest Strategies
We are extremely impressed with the RAYVN solution. It's straightforward and easy to use, which allowed us to train our teams and implement the program quickly. The collaboration features are excellent - we've been able to connect more than 1,000 staff and nearly 450 sites through the stakeholder and team functionalities in RAYVN to share information and reporting, as well as easily monitor and manage incidents.

Melissa Cameron

Senior Vice President and Partner of Southwest Strategies
Whatever the critical incident—whether it’s a cyber-attack, a fire/explosion, a shooting incident, a natural disaster, a toxic spill, a terrorist attack, equipment failure or an injury—every second counts.
Yet, many companies, especially those working with paper-based solutions or manual processes, face challenges that can impede the ability to collaborate effectively in real-time to resolve a critical event.

Collaboration is vital to:

  • mobilise the team
  • gain instant, accurate situational awareness
  • coordinate action
  • act quickly
  • share real-time updates
  • keep stakeholders informed

Barriers to Collaboration

Common barriers include:

  • Accessibility issues with paper-pen solutions
  • Poorly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Lack of training and preparation
  • Siloed communications
  • Fragmented systems
  • System vulnerability to cyber-attacks
To collaborate effectively, organizations need to coordinate communications, actions and updates across the emergency response network securely in real-time.
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RAYVN Unlocks the Power of Collaboration

For Critical Event Management (CEM), real-time collaboration enables everyone in an emergency response network—including both internal teams and external stakeholders—to share information, take coordinated action and exchange updates to resolve any incident efficiently.

With RAYVN you can unlock the power of collaboration for secure, real-time critical event management with external stakeholders and partner organisations. As a result your entire emergency response network is better prepared to pull together in a crisis.

How Collaboration Works with RAYVN

RAYVN’s integrated collaboration feature enables you to build, mobilize and manage your emergency response network freely–all without compromising sensitive data or confidential information.

BUILD: For robust emergency preparedness, collaborate from the start. 

Effective emergency preparedness begins with a comprehensive plan that identifies any risks, documents procedures to resolve any incident and clearly defines roles/responsibilities across the emergency response network.

The emergency response network should include all

  • Internal team members
  • Dispersed team members
  • Emergency Responders
  • External Stakeholders: various partners and organisations.

All too often, emergency preparedness stumbles from the start because a company has failed to provide the access needed to external stakeholders. 

But the RAYVN solution overcomes this barrier with its built-in collaboration functionality, which enables any customer to invite external stakeholders/partners to join the company’s emergency response network for free. 


  • Identify any external stakeholders or partners you’d like to include.
  • Invite any external stakeholder or partner to join your emergency response network free-of-charge.

  • Build your trusted network of partners within the RAYVN software application.

MOBILIZE: Collaborate when it counts in real-time to resolve any incident.

Visual showing how RAYVNs collaboration functionality can connect resources.With RAYVN you can collaborate when it counts for secure, real-time critical event management with external stakeholders and partner organizations. 

  • Secure: Encrypted point-to-point collaboration protects every communication with your external stakeholders. 
  • Intelligent:You control the information you share with anyone in your emergency response network. 
  • Flexible: You can update the right people with the relevant information at the right time. 
Quite simply, RAYVN gives you the power to build, mobilize and manage your emergency response network effectively–all without compromising sensitive information or confidential data. 
MANAGE: Recover and build resilience for the future through collaboration.

With RAYVN’s digital solution, reporting is simple. There’s no need for follow-on conversations to reconstruct events because time-stamped logs capture every action taken.

Within minutes, reports can be generated for compliance purposes, insurance claims, the handling of next-of-kin communications and post-incident assessment internally. When you share or circulate reports, you maintain complete control over who has access to any report: to protect sensitive data and confidentiality for your organization.

Post-incident reporting and analysis help to identify key learnings and insights to be folded into emergency preparedness for the future. This is a good time to assess existing plans and policies, training needs/exercises and add any collaboration partners to your emergency response network. With RAYVN’s collaboration feature it is simpler to build resilience now and for the future.

Summary: The Benefits of Collaboration with RAYVN

With RAYVN, any organisation can reap the benefits of collaboration for greater efficiencies in emergency preparedness and critical event management. 

  • Pull together in a crisis: When lives are at stake, assets are at risk and a company’s reputation is on the line, the ability to work together in real-time can make all the difference. 
  • Mobilise External Stakeholders/Partners Securely: Encrypted point-to-point connections enable any company to share, request and exchange data with external stakeholders/partners–all without putting sensitive information at risk. 
  • Build Resilience: A collaborative approach to critical event management can help to cultivate a more vigilant safety culture and build resilience for the future as best practices are identified and put into practice as well as reinforced through ongoing exercises and drills.  

This easy-to-use digital solution leverages integrated collaboration capabilities and features to boost efficiency, responsiveness and resilience in emergency preparedness and critical event management. With RAYVN, you can collaborate when it counts—when precious minutes and seconds make all the difference—to mitigate the negative impacts of any incident, protect your organisation’s brand reputation, minimise downtime and save lives. 

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