Our industry experts discuss the hot topic of cybersecurity and offer their views on best practices to defend against attacks through emergency preparedness, critical event management and training to build resilience.
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    • Why security is everyone’s business: ‘you are a target’
    • Cybersecurity incidents: frequency, threats and risks
    • Best practices: create a plan, define roles & responsibilities and run drills
    • Scenario: how to defend against phishing and other attacks
    • How RAYVN enables cybersecurity, even when the network goes down
    Our Experts
    • Vegard Vaage, Head of Penetration Testing & Incident Response, Netsecurity
    • Koen Matthys, Chief Information Security Officer, Grieg Group
    • Kristian Kastet, Chief Information Security Officer, RAYVN
    • Moderator: Lee Koenig, Chief Marketing Officer, RAYVN
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