When an incident has occurred, there are several ways to notify your team, coworkers, and stakeholders. This blog article will give you an overview of some of the most common methods, along with the pros and cons.
The easier, the better, and this is what RAYVN does so well with the notification system: notifying pre-defined groups or individuals.
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Pros: Email templates, email groups to reach a wide audience.

Cons: Use of the same platform for business communication and emergency notifications could result in a missed notification, especially if sent outside of business hours.

Phone calls

Pros: Easily reach your contact list, the advantage of a predefined contact list, reachable outside business hours.

Cons: Time-consuming to make multiple calls, answer questions, assign tasks, lack documentation.


Pros: Quick and easy to send, predefined groups, concise messages

Cons: No read receipt, massive replies, follow-up calls needed, miscommunication, scrambled documentation.

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Using RAYVN, you can send notifications through each channel simultaneously and receive push notifications through the app. This method increases response rates and saves time. RAYVN uses the same phone number for all notifications, allowing customers to add the number to favorites and bypass Do Not Disturb mode.

In addition to notifications, RAYVN stores all correspondence regarding the incident. The details surrounding the incident are available to you and your team. Using RAYVN will eliminate the missed calls, notifications, and lost documentation that happens when using the above methods independently.

The best thing about RAYVN is that you can notify the whole organization with one press of a button. This saves us a lot of time during a critical event.

The notification feature in RAYVN is very useful, everything is managed automatically: you don’t have to make 10 phone calls yourself anymore.

A critical event occurs Open RAYVN Select scenario/planSending notificationsEveryone is notified in secondsPusing notifications to your defined teams in 4 channels 1234 56 7 8 9 0 Plan A Plan B Plan CPlan DSMS/Text       App notification Automated phone callEmail
It's really useful for the person, responsible for notifying the organization to use the CEMS  (Critital Event Management System) for notification. We are often spread around location-wise, so to be able to notify everyone without having to call is really of high value for us.
Øystein Killingørd, Siem offshore AS

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