For many organizations, the challenge of communicating and keeping staff informed during a critical event can be overwhelming - you need to update a large number of people immediately, across your whole organization.
We’re pleased to introduce the RAYVN Emergency Communications Solution (ECS). This new notification functionality will allow your team to update ‘thousands’ of your employees via SMS - within seconds. SMS throughput rates have been increased by 10x of standard RAYVN throughput rates.
Henrik von Schlanbusch, CEO, and Therese Greve, CFO.

CEO, Henrik von Schlanbusch, and CFO Therese Greve.

‘We've been listening to our customers,' said Henrik von Schlanbusch, the CEO of RAYVN. 'They've been dealing with cyber attacks that knock out their networks, incidents that have impacted their businesses, and security and facility breaches. Most have realized that they need to take control of the communications - and for many, that is as simple as getting ahead of social media. We're convinced that the Emergency Communications solution can solve this'.

The ECS solution is also Integrated into the RAYVN Critical Event Management solution, which means that organizations can send mass notifications from within a RAYVN incident log. Separate usage reporting and live sending monitoring with error tracking have also been included.

Availability / pricing

The Emergency Communications Solution is available for immediate activation. The 'ECS module' can be added for customers with existing RAYVN licenses. The 'ECS bundle' is available for new customers.

Annual fees apply for the ECS module and bundle. SMS usage is priced separately, with rates based on location and requirements. Click for pricing details.

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