Increasingly, companies need to defend themselves against cyber-attacks and other threats to business continuity. Find out how Mesterbakeren uses RAYVN to ensure business continuity and emergency preparedness as a key ingredient in its mission to deliver bread and other baked goods to 700 shops across Norway.
Tor Søreide, CEO Mesterbakeren
We firmly believe that we will maintain business continuity in the face of cyber-attacks and other threats to the business - now that we have RAYVN's solution in place.

Tor Søreide Sivertsen

CEO, Mesterbakeren


Mesterbakeren Bread

Mesterbakeren delivers bread and baked goods to REMA 1000 stores across Norway on a daily basis. To run the bakery chain, the company uses many IT systems to handle orders, run logistics, and manage invoicing. As such, a cyber-attack or system shutdown represents a critical threat to business continuity. Such risks are unacceptable, especially because Mesterbakeren is a food producer, which is considered an ‘essential service’ in Norway. Simply put, Mesterbakeren needs to be able to produce and deliver baked goods to customers, even in the face of a cyber threat or other critical events. 

Following a wave of cyber-attacks in the Nordics, including one on Nortura, a leading food producer in Norway, emergency preparedness emerged as a top priority for Mesterbakeren. Director of Finance, Odd Håvard Larsen, outlines the company’s threat assessment: ‘During the pandemic, the need for a critical event management solution became apparent to everyone. Moreover, with the war in the Ukraine, we’d seen a significant increase in cyber threats. We realised that we needed to put plans and systems in place to maintain production and ensure delivery every day, should a data attack occur.’ Clearly, Mesterbakeren needed a more comprehensive emergency plan and critical event management solution.

The solution

Following a rigorous planning and evaluation process, Mesterbakeren chose RAYVN because it offers a flexible, easy-to-use solution for critical event management, enabling the bakery chain to increase their emergency preparedness and maintain business continuity.

RAYVN simplifies emergency preparedness

Mesterbakeren truckWith the RAYVN solution, Mesterbakeren introduced a comprehensive emergency response plan, taking into account the many IT systems they use to manage production, logistics and deliveries as well as other factors.

RAYVN’s defined templates and task lists helped them to document commonly occurring incidents as well as any disruption to the business. 

This included mapping IT functions that affect business-critical activities, such as: 

  • What baked goods are to be delivered? 
  • What types and how many breads should the various shops have? 
  • How to manage inventory and invoicing?

‘All these tasks must be well coordinated,’ observes Larsen, ‘so you need an integrated solution—that’s exactly what RAYVN delivers.’

Free trial to evaluate critical event management functionality

RAYVN provided a free trial to support the company’s rigorous evaluation phase. They were delighted to find that the RAYVN solution provided all the functions needed to support Mesterbakeren’s emergency plans/processes for managing critical events.  

Key requirements included:

  • real-time notifications
  • real-time incident logging and task management features
  • post-incident reporting
  • support for training and ongoing exercises and spot drills

RAYVN, a flexible, easy-to-use solution

Now, with RAYVN, Mesterbakeren are prepared to face any threat to business continuity—including cyber-attacks and system downtime. In such an event, ten departments within Mesterbakeren can connect within minutes, so that the company can respond quickly in a coordinated fashion to manage any threat to business operations. 

Specifically, the RAYVN solution offers emergency rooms, and all the different departments each have their own rooms. The live log allows the bakery chain to track developments in real-time as they unfold and assign tasks to response teams and key stakeholders. 

‘RAYVN delivers a faster, better critical event management solution. Very quickly, we discovered that the RAYVN solution provides a reliable, easy-to-use system for emergency management in real-time—this provides incredible added value for our business,’ says Larsen.

Ongoing training, drill exercises and best practices

With the support of RAYVN, Mesterbakeren has introduced training to prepare the responders for any incident. Regular product usage, ongoing drill exercises and product training updates ensure that the company follows the best practices for emergency preparedness now and for the future.


RAYVN delivers a reliable, easy-to-use critical event management solution to ensure business continuity. The impact has been transformative for Mesterbakeren. In the past, the bakery chain relied on systems that were complex and inflexible, which made it difficult to respond to critical events.

Now, with RAYVN, Mesterbakeren enjoys many key benefits, including:

  • Business continuity: With RAYVN, Mesterbakeren introduced a comprehensive emergency response plan, so that the bakery chain continues to produce and deliver baked goods in the event of a cyber-attack or other critical incident. 
  • Simplified emergency preparedness: RAYVN’s critical event management solution makes it easy to notify all participants in real-time, convey information and take action quickly.
  • Economic advantages: Any disruption to the timely production and delivery of baked goods costs the company time and money, so it’s critical to maintain business continuity–this is what RAYVN delivers. 
  • Customer satisfaction: Mesterbakeren aims to delight their customers by delivering the bread and baked goods they love, when they need and want them. Knowing that they can continue to produce and deliver without delay or interruption is key for customer satisfaction.

‘We firmly believe that we will maintain business continuity in the face of cyber-attacks and other threats to the business—now that we have RAYVN’s solution in place,’ says Tor Søreide Sivertsen, the Managing Director of Mesterbakeren. With RAYVN, Mesterbakeren is prepared to manage any critical event easily—both now and for the future.

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