Eviny was looking for a digital critical event management solution to improve the exchange of information, notification, and mobilization. The solution had to be user-friendly and intuitive with simple logging. The choice fell on RAYVN. The feedback from Eviny is that the implementation has been effective and easy – the system is user-friendly and easy to understand.
With the RAYVN solution, we have managed to execute more training on incidents and increase our preparedness; in particular, all of our response teams need to have a common understanding of the situation – with RAYVN, everyone has access to the same log and shares the information immediately. RAYVN is a very intuitive and easy-to-use solution.

Trond Søreide

Safety and Quality Manager, Eviny AS

Eviny logoTrond Søreide is the Safety and Quality Manager at Eviny AS. He has the overall responsibility for HSE, security, preparedness, and quality at Eviny AS. RAYVN has spoken to him about the selection of a new crisis management tool and Eviny's experiences with the solution from RAYVN so far.

How is the preparedness in the group organized today?

The Eviny group consists of a parent company and twelve subsidiaries. We are organized on three levels: strategic, operational, and tactical. Each of the various companies has its own response team and response readiness plan but can also work with (and get support from) our central team for IT-related issues, communications, and psychosocial support.

What were the most important criteria for Eviny when choosing a critical event management tool?

“The most important thing was user-friendliness – it must be easy to access and use it.
In addition, we also identified several other important criteria, including:RAYVN Devices. Mac and iPhone

  • compatibility with our other systems.
  • security concerning information security and privacy.
  • simple and efficient implementation process.
  • ongoing support.
  • and, of course, cost.

How many other vendors did you consider in the tender process?

We assessed five different solutions and chose RAYVN.

What was the most important reason for choosing RAYVN?

"It is a very clear and intuitive tool. Cost overview and allocation are also crucial for us in a large group. RAYVN made it possible to choose a model where we pay for actual use. This means we can easily cross-charge the companies in Eviny based on their use of RAYVN.

Eviny wanted a digital tool that improved information sharing, notification, and mobilization

What areas did you wish to improve when you acquired a digital solution?

An important challenge was cooperation and information sharing. In the past, incidents have often occurred in one Eviny company and have been handled well in that same company. With increased digitization and a more complex threat situation, we saw challenges in coordinating and sharing information. Each company had its own way of solving this. As a result, common information sharing across the Eviny group became challenging. In the past, the solution was to call each other mobiles. This was time-consuming and could also be a bit random in terms of who was notified or not. We wanted to see if we could solve these challenges through a digital solution."

How many departments in Eviny use the RAYVN solution?

We have implemented it in 10 companies, plus our support readiness team.

How did you experience the implementation?

We have spent surprisingly little time on the implementation, with good progress. We could transfer our original plan straight into the RAYVN solution. We have been able to adapt other elements we needed to include in RAYVN. The feedback is that it has gone very well. The onboarding process is quick, and users understand the system straightaway.

Very satisfied with the cooperation with RAYVN

Waterfall Norway, Photo by Echo Wang, UnsplashIs there anything else you would like to add regarding implementation?

The dialogue and cooperation with RAYVN have been very good. We have received good advice regarding integrating the tool with our systems. RAYVN has also met us with an understanding of our wishes and needs.

What do you think about the functionality around notification and logging?

All in all, I think it works very well. Starting an incident log is simple and easy to keep up to date in the solution. It is important that everyone can track and log their action points at different levels, as we have a lot of people out in the field.

How can cooperation be streamlined in a better way?

The RAYVN solution allows us to follow each other and share information without making many phone calls and meetings. Especially in the phase between meetings, we can provide status updates on what is happening in the various parts of the organization. We save a lot of time and resources by sharing common information and assigning tasks.

Increased training and preparedness with RAYVN

Can you say something about the training routines for the companies that have been implemented?

RAYVN has led to even more training than required in the company's emergency exercise plan. The solution makes it easy to run short mobilization exercises where we log in, conduct a quick meeting, and then finish. Due to a changed and more complicated risk situation, we must have an increased level of exercises and training.

As a supplier of critical services – would you say that society is a bit safer now that you use the RAYVN solution?

We have increased our emergency preparedness capability and will be able to respond to an incident or situation more effectively now than before RAYVN. In particular, it is essential to have a common understanding of the event – everyone sees the same log and shares the information effectively.

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