Today, the challenge of many organizations is represented by the urgent need for a simple way to offer effective crisis management while delivering real-time communication. This inspires RAYVN to pioneer the critical event management space to be the first critical event management platform that integrates audio and video calls in one platform.

RAYVN Video Conferencing is a secure video and audio solution that is simple and easy to use. Suitable for security-conscious users who are seeking instant and secure live communication products. RAYVN Video Conferencing allows key professionals and executives to communicate instantly, report, monitor, follow up, inspect, and be virtually onsite when a critical event strikes.

With the new addon, RAYVN goes beyond other traditional video/audio calls services. It provides organizations with the ability to manage critical events and collaborate with key stakeholders while holding a live video/ audio call all in one place. This will help users waive tens of tabs and switch between apps during critical times.

Key features

  • An instant and secure call solution
  • Supports video and audio communication
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Report directly a crisis event via live stream.
  • Free of charge for all our users
  • Works with web and RAYVN’s *mobile app
  • No need to integrate with external services/licenses
  • No need to host & organize meetings- just open RAYVN & join existing calls with your team
  • Share screen
The RAYVN users can join a video call so easily and quickly after receiving a RAYVN alert. With a single click, users  can join the call, share screen, mute, minimize the call, and turn on/off the camera as desired.
Key benefits

RAYVN Video Conferencing is the team’s space for real-time live communication during critical events.
What makes RAYVN Video Conferencing special is its power to:

  • Save users time
    Users will waive tens of tabs and toggling between apps. With RAYVN, users can hold all communication within one secured platform

  • Promote better situational awareness and decision making
    This addition to the RAYVN will enhance situation diagnostics, provide clear information about the critical situation, and allow professionals to guide and supervise onsite personnel

  • Protect sensitive data, and prevent data loss
    As data and communication are shared within the same incident management tool. This will ensure that your data is only shared within the same single channel among the related team(s)

  • Interactive whiteboard
    Users can engage in a video/audio call while sharing information, updates, photos, etc., within the active log of an incident

  • Replaces other video conferencing tools and unnecessary applications
    Using only one platform, users can manage an ongoing critical event, collaborate with stakeholders, document event handling, and communicate with audio and video in a secure way
Common practices

RAYVN Video Conferencing provides users with instant live communication during critical situations. Key practices include:

  • ​Emergencies notifications and alerts: enabling teams to report both incidents and unforeseen critical events instantly through live video calls to get real-time guidance and accurate instructions.

  • Video-centric crisis communication and real-time situational awareness strategies.
    Instant video conferences between offsite professionals and onsite personnel can help personnel feel seen and heard during emergencies and crisis situations. Personnel can get direct help and support directly within RAYVN.

  • Day-to-day operations: Amidst the recent uncertainty and the increased hybrid workplace models caused by COVID-19, video has become the most powerful—and preferred—corporate communication medium.
All-in-One Solution

RAYVN Video Conferencing is part of RAYVN’s simple and effective critical event management platform supporting customers worldwide. RAYVN fulfills users’ need for a comprehensive system that contains all the necessary tools to manage crises easily and effectively all in one place.

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