At RAYVN we approach resilience as an ability, a growth-oriented mindset and a process of capacity-building to survive and thrive in the face of disruption and crisis.  If you are looking to build resilience, read on to discover our top tips to build resilience through emergency preparedness and critical event management.

10 Tips: A Checklist to Build Resiliency

  • Establish a dedicated team, with C-suite sponsorship.
  • Assess the risks, document the processes for critical event management and build out the emergency response network in advance.
  • Brainstorm to prepare for the unexpected.
  • Choose a SaaS-based incident management solution that is simple to use, secure and accessible to your emergency response network in real-time.
  • Provide the entire emergency response network with access to your digital critical event management solution.
  • Train, run drills and engage in regular exercises to clarify roles and responsibilities and put collaboration to the test.
  • Ensure that cyber-resilience is built into your emergency preparedness processes—so that even when the company network goes down you can respond.
  • Keep everyone informed with relevant updates as the situation unfolds.
  • Run reports quickly and easily—both during and after the incident–to assess any and all actions taken.
  • De-brief together on how to improve: adapt and transform to thrive.

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