The human side of critical event management

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RAYVN Webinar Human Side thumnbail
Understanding the human factor to critical event management is key for preparedness, response and recovery. Our panel of experts considers how emergency response teams can adopt best practices to manage a crisis as well as foster resiliency, both now and for the future.
RAYVN Webinar Human Side thumnbail
    • What is the human side of emergency preparedness and crisis management?
    • Prepare for the stress: planning/procedures and training/exercises
    • Multi-level human impacts: operational, practical and strategic responses
    • Post-incident: follow-on care, address PTSD and offer coping strategies
    • How RAYVN helps people prepare for and manage a crisis
    Our Experts
    • Kjersti Helland, Head of Business Emergency Preparedness, Sjømannskirken (Norwegian Church Abroad)
    • Brynjar Gunnarskog, Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Head of Emergency Response, AkerCare & Falck Norway
    • Erik Skaara, Chief Business Development Officer, RAYVN
    • Moderator: Lee Koenig, Chief Marketing Officer, RAYVN
    RAYVN Webinar Human Side thumnbail Mac

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