A simple solution for managing critical events

Improve your Emergency preparedness by digitizing your emergency response. Notify your organization within seconds.
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RAYVN is the only platform to combine:

Extreme user-friendlieness

One integrated team with Internal and external stakeholders

Affordable and transparent pricing

Automate your
Emergency preparedness

Implement Emergency Action plans, react within seconds

Automatic notifications of your Emergency response organization

Produce detailed post-event reports, documenting all your communication and actions

RAYVN iPhone notifications cyber alert

Minimize downtime and 
disruption of business

Improve response time
by 97%

Avoid needless
reputational damage

Minimize downtown and 
disruption of business

Improve response time
by 97%

Minimize downtown and 
disruption of business

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Why companies choose RAYVN

A user-friendly solution for crisis management 
No training required to use RAYVN
Easy implementation and setup 
Secure and cloud-based solution with global distribution of servers 
Affordable and versatile solution
Connect with external partners and stakeholders 
No software to install or update. Use RAYVN in any web-browser or mobile phone 

A shared platform that EVERYONE can use

RAYVN is built with user-friendliness in mind so that you can focus on the event, not how to use the system

No need for training to be able to use the platform

“As easy as using Facebook”

Iphone RAYVN App log feed

Operate as ONE team

The whole team gets a shared situational awareness

Enables on-site personell to operate with management in multiple locations in real time

Internal and external personnel/teams/organizations can work seamlessly together

iPhone RAYVN Notification
iPhone RAYVN Notification

Make faster and better decisions

In critical situations, information is often fragmented, unreliable, or even incorrect. Still, decisions need to be made fast. RAYVN helps your teams work together towards the same goals by updating everybody accurately in a secure and timely fashion.