RAYVN automates your crisis management

RAYVN helps you to reduce your response time, keep stakeholders informed, and increases your ability to restore to regular services as swiftly as possible.

Notify your teams quickly

Reach out to your teams with customized messages within seconds. Collect their responses automatically and monitor their responses in real-time
  • Notify employees and dedicated teams through the click of a button
  • Notify via text, email, app, and automatic voice call
  • Use predefined message- and notification-templates for speed
  • RAYVN collects the responses to the alert-messages automatically
  • Monitor the response-status in real-time using RAYVN´s easy to understand response-visualizer-tool

Make the best decisions

Ensure that your teams have a shared situational awareness to enable quick decisions based on updated information
  • Share important information like text, images, manuals, instructions, etc. through RAYVN´s real-time updated feed irrespective of the team members location
  • Share updated status in status-boards
  • Make sure you are on top of procedures and protocol. Implement templates for your procedures before a crisis occurs. Automatically plan tasks according to protocol in the templates
  • Assign new or pre-planned template-tasks to your team members and see them being resolved in real-time
  • Set up remote meetings with agendas. Automate meeting-summary dissemination, so everybody knows which decisions have been made and what to focus on
  • Access predefined templates for important information like press releases etc.
  • Follow the real-time GPS-location of resources that allows their position to be tracked
Different situation in a crisis management

Document all activities on the fly

RAYVN automatically time-stamps all actions, so that you after the crisis, with the click of a button can recreate the timeline for how the situation evolved without needing to spend days or weeks on manually gathering information from post-its, emails, text messages, etc.
  • Everything is available from one document
  • Increase accountability by seeing an accurate time-line of all decisions that were made and the information that was available at that time
  • Report to team-members, management, insurance, authorities immediately
  • Recreate the situation in seconds for post-incident evaluation and training

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