The rise in cyber threats from hackers and criminal organizations necessitates a shift in emergency preparedness to include cyber incident response. Emergency teams, traditionally dealing with physical emergencies, must now also tackle cyber disruptions affecting IT systems, supply chains, and critical infrastructure.

The upcoming webinar will offer insights into preparing for and managing cyber incidents, highlighting the role of risk management in formulating response strategies.

Planning for a cyber attack thumb


  • What constitutes a cyber threat or incident
  • How emergency response teams need to understand about different types of cyber threat
  • Why it is important to include cyber threats in your emergency response plan.
  • How the RAYVN solution can help
Our Experts
  • Koen Matthys, Chief Information Security Officer, Grieg Group
  • Vegard Vaage, Head of Penetration Testing & Incident Response at Netsecurity, Netsecurity AS
  • Kristian Andre Kastet, CISO, RAYVN
  • Moderator: Lee Koenig, RAYVN

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