Despite considerable efforts made by the renewable energy industry in mitigating risks, the number of incidents worldwide continues to grow, whether caused by nature or human-made errors. The widespread losses from such events require specific interventions at all levels to create an effective crisis response system, build organizational resilience, and promote risk-informed development. 

For these reasons, organizations have to prepare for unforeseen critical events and subsequent recovery efforts. The table below shows the key stakeholders’ role in the renewable energy sector, including public authorities and private companies developing a crisis response system to ensure a quick return to normality.

Wind turbine Black and white

Key stakeholders in the renewable energy sector and their needs in managing critical events

Graphic - Managing critical events for renewable energy

Case study: wind turbine critical events and the role of collaboration

Fire and lightning strikes are significant critical situations that could affect a wind turbine and require an efficient critical event management system. These two scenarios both require efficient response procedures. Damages to wind turbines could create many months of downtime, requiring fast and effective decision-making.

In 2010, the Hatchet Fire in California burned across more than three acres of land near wind turbines in the west of Hatchet Ridge, California, before fire crews contained it. The collaborative work of relevant stakeholders helped contain the fire. However, it took six engines, three water tenders, two helicopters, two air tankers, a bulldozer, and three hand crews to fight the fire!

Forest fire

RAYVN - Critical event management platform

An effective critical event management system will help risk mitigation of all types of critical events. Here's how RAYVN can support renewable energy providers during their critical events.

  • Notifications and alerts system
    RAYVN allows you to send blanket notification alerts to key personnel

  • Up-to-date team status
    RAYVN then collects responses from participants automatically to provide you with the real-time status of your available resources.

  • Coordinate personnel, assign tasks and share information in real-time
    RAYVN’s shared log offers a simple and intuitive interface for coordinating tasks, and ongoing communication, throughout an incident. You can see where resources are and, at the same time, assign tasks and set priorities and deadlines.

  • Post-incident analysis
    RAYVN collects and stores data to allow you to review and analyze to improve future performance.

  • Collaborate with your external stakeholders to manage an ongoing event
    RAYVN is particularly suited to organizations that utilize others’ resources to provide the most effective incident response. The latest collaboration functionality ensures the seamless flow of information between individuals, departments, and now organizations. This allows for interconnection with external stakeholders meaning that communication and information can be shared with the organizations you work with closely. You can also connect with stakeholders who are not yet RAYVN users.
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