Stunning scenery is what sets the Tour of Norway apart from other cycling races. This year 19 teams, composed of 6 cyclists per team, took on a multi-stage route: starting in Bergen, racing past fjords and cycling through awe-inspiring mountainous terrain to culminate in a gruelling summit finish in Stavanger. Along the route, thousands of attendees gathered to watch the race and cheer for their favourite teams.
Tour of Norway - Fredrik Galta
We rely on RAYVN to easily manage the complex logistics for the Tour of Norway: to make sure the route is clear for cyclists, coordinate volunteer guards, and ensure any injuries are tended to quickly.

Fredrik Galta

Safety Manager, Tour of Norway

Challenges & Risks for the Tour of Norway 2023

A cycling event this thrilling and challenging is not without risk. 

With high speeds and tough gradient climbs, the cyclists face the risk of accidents, collisions, falls and injuries, especially during challenging weather conditions. This year’s cyclists faced treacherous conditions and poor visibility due to rain and snow during the tour. 

Thousands of people attend the Tour of Norway annually. It’s critical to take measures to protect the health and safety as well as the security of all participants. This means that police and emergency services are onsite for any incidents that may arise, ranging from traffic control to security measures.

Overall, the coordination of the Tour of Norway is a complex undertaking, requiring many teams of professionals–such as race staff, the arena team and the service team–as well as volunteers along the route to manage traffic and make sure the event runs smoothly. Moreover, there are logistics surrounding media and TV production.

Using RAYVN, the Tour of Norway 2023 is able to manage, coordinate and run the race as well as collaborate with the municipal security center to safeguard everyone at the event.  

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    Collaboration wins the day in Bergen

    In Bergen, the prologue to the Tour of Norway 2023 ran from the harbour via Bryggen to Sandvikstorget, then back to Bryggen and ended with a three-kilometre climb up to Mount Fløyen, which has an average gradient climb of almost nine percent. Managing security, traffic, crowds and cyclists is always tricky with so many people, vehicles and cyclists on the move. 

    The House of Public Safety’s situation room in Bergen during Tour of Norway using RAYVN

    Thanks to RAYVN, the Tour of Norway team collaborated with the Bergen municipality to run the event.

    Working out of The House of Public Safety’s situation room in Bergen, the Tour of Norway and The House of Public Safety each ran their own separate incident logs as well as shared logs, when needed, to track and manage many incidents, including:

    • traffic control, both pedestrian and vehicular
    • accidents
    • security
    • health and safety emergencies
    • logistics  

    The House of Public Safety already uses the RAYVN solution on a daily basis to manage incidents in Bergen, so they can easily build on these capabilities to manage volunteers, log any police or other incidents and coordinate with any teams as needed.

    Thanks to RAYVN, it was easy to manage a complex event through a collaboration between the Tour of Norway management and the municipality to coordinate actions for

    • 6 racing teams adding up to a total of 114 cyclists
    • 6 buses, 6 cars and 6 mechanics trucks
    • 70 cars in total
    • 130 volunteer guards
    • police personnel
    • emergency responders
    • thousands of attendees along the route.

    RAYVN’s software enables the race tour management as well as the municipality to engage in highly effective event management with distributed team members, police, emergency personnel and volunteers. Logging separate and shared incident logs provides a simple way to collate and track digital updates, share input from radio communications and take decisions across multiple channels of communication: text, phone, video and email, as needed. The result: highly effective collaboration for event management. 

    Thanks to RAYVN, the race ran smoothly with an exciting finish enjoyed by all.

    Ensuring the safety of Bergen is our top priority–both for events, such as the Tour of Norway 2023 as well as on a daily basis. With RAYVN, we find it easy to coordinate action, collaborating with the many participants in our emergency response network to resolve any situation.

    Svein Erik Malkenes

    Head of Security, House of Public Safety (SSH)
    Bergen Municipality

    We’re delighted to support the Tour of Norway 2023 with RAYVN’s collaborative solution for emergency preparedness and critical event management.

    Erik Skaara

    Chief Business Development Officer

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