Resiliency is the key to unlock sustainable growth in a world of risk, crisis and uncertainty. Find out how RAYVN’s solution for emergency preparedness and critical event management can help.

Research has shown that organizations that organize for resilience are better prepared to survive and thrive in the face of disruption and crisis. Read on to discover how RAYVN’s digital solution for secure, real-time incident management drives efficiency and enhances the effectiveness of any emergency response network to build resiliency.

Digitalize: Simplify incident management.

At RAYVN we see many customers who take a bootstrap approach to achieve resilience as an end in itself and a continuous process of adaptation and growth. Very often the journey towards resilience begins with the decision to digitalize emergency preparedness and critical event management to achieve greater efficiency and build operational resilience. 

Digitalization is represented through the RAYVN emergency response value wheel, a framework for outlining the key steps for companies seeking to digitalize and simplify their incident management and bolster their emergency preparation and response. 

Digitalization leads to efficiency gains because 

  • Plan: the digital plan is available easily to everyone anytime, anywhere
  • Prepare: exercises and drills can be run simply from the platform
  • Respond: personnel can be mobilized instantly with multi-channel communications
  • Recover: the digital status board and update supports fully coordinated incident management in real-time
  • Assess and Adapt: post-incident reporting and review goes from days of work to minutes. 

Multiple efficiency gains yield many incremental advantages that in turn drive operational resilience and even organizational change through the processes of assessment and adaptation.

Collaborate: Pull together in a crisis.

Collaboration underpins resilience in a world where complex risks and crises increasingly demand solutions that stem from alliances, partnerships and networks. 

For emergency preparedness and critical event management, the ability to build, mobilize and manage the emergency response network effectively through collaboration is a key driver of resilience. [include link to read more about RAYVN’s collaboration feature] RAYVN enables collaboration by providing each customer with the ability to extend a license to use the solution free-of-charge for secure, real-time incident management. 

    Your company Suppliers Partners Public bodies Emergency   services Customers





RAYVN users can invite a partner or external stakeholder to use the solution free-of-charge and securely in real-time. Resilience is strengthened as the emergency response network is built out and learns to work together through regular drills and exercises.

Preparedness improves


Improve risk assessment, preventative measures, mitigation, management and recovery capabilities

Fully coordinated, seamless collaboration improves the effectiveness of incident management.


Flexible collaboration means that the right people have access to the relevant information when they need it for intelligent decision-making and improved incident management. Working with partners, managing stakeholders and coordinating with field personnel is simple and secure.

More effective collaboration enables organizations to mitigate risk and adapt to drive growth.

Within and beyond the organization, secure and seamless collaboration means overall efficiency gains in terms of resolving incidents as well as significant improvements in effectiveness through fully coordinated preparedness, critical event management and more granular reporting/review processes to drive continuous improvements.

Build resilience: Defend against disruption and thrive.

RAYVN customers tell us they measure and assess the resiliency-building capacities of the solution as a means to resolve specific critical incidents and as an enabler for the continuous process of adaptation and strengthened capacities to manage disruption and thrive. 

Customer experience demonstrates that any organization can embrace and build resilience by improving the efficiency of emergency preparedness through digitalization and the effectiveness of response through collaboration. 

     Invest in  Emergency Preparedness     Build Resilience      Drive sustainable    growth

Here are just a few examples of how companies work to build resilience with RAYVN: 

  • Aker ASA, a leading industrial investment company, bridges strategic risk management and crisis management with RAYVN to better assess risks, manage incidents, and sustain human, operational, organizational, cyber, and environmental resilience.
  • Mesterbakeren, a Norwegian bakery chain, defends continuity of service in the face of cyber threats and other risks to deliver baked goods to shops daily. Operational and cyber resilience help strengthen organizational resilience.
  • A leading tanker management company for maritime shipping, has strengthened human, operational, organizational and environmental resilience with RAYVN thanks to efficiency gains in emergency preparedness and incident management.

Increasingly today collaboration underpins and drives resilience. Often this is seen as a necessity because complex threats demand complex solutions. 

Resilience: The Ripple Effect

Equally, however, emergency preparedness and critical event management capabilities can create fresh opportunities to develop and implement creative solutions to drive proactive, adaptive and transformative change that builds resilience and drives growth.

Organic bar chartFor instance, some RAYVN customers deploy the solution to develop and deliver innovative services aimed at cultivating societal and economic resilience for consumers and citizens as well as communities. Examples include:

  • Norway’s DSB safeguards citizens and communities through dedicated municipal emergency preparedness services that scale up and collaborate as well as partner externally to manage security, environmental, health and safety, cyber and other threats. [insert links to articles on municipalities] 
  • Southwest Strategies proactively sets up and runs customer resource centers in California to build human resilience in the face of wildfire threats. [insert link to case study]
  • University Air Center in Gainesville, Florida uses RAYVN to drive and sustain a safety culture at the airport and build human resilience through the managed delivery of organs and blood in the American southwest. [insert link to case study]

When any organization approaches emergency preparedness and critical event management through the lens of resilience, they improve their ability to assess, manage and mitigate risks. But more than this they begin to take the steps to adapt and manage change more efficiently, effectively and strategically.  

At RAYVN, we see that any organization can leverage digital emergency preparedness and collaborative critical event management to develop the strategic acumen and tactical abilities to build resilience continuously—to thrive–in the face of disruption, crisis and change. 

Moreover, the ‘ripple effect’ of resilience can be amplified through strategies, mindful practices and ongoing assessments and adaptations to drive solutions that foster wider societal and economic resilience. 

Resilience is both a response to and an antidote for the complex, interconnected risks and crises of our world today.

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